Support Toiless PaperMy name is Paula Loos, in 2016 I started Toiless Paper to reduce toilet paper consumption and sustain a healthy planet. I’m passionate about this project because of its impact on the environment and the partnership with, leading supplier of environmental products to the hotel industry.

Your support becomes the source of a transformation of the toilet paper industry, helping the planet through the preservation of trees and the wildlife that depends on them.

With your donation, we create:

  • Design and print the label with instructions how to use Toiless Paper.
  • 1000 sustainable  (UNIQUE) Toiless paper rolls.
  • 120 informational cards for why Toiless Paper exists.
  • Supplying and shipping 1000 test rolls in a hotel.
  • Create a website in English to reach people worldwide.

By March 15th 2020 we have  generated $7000 in order to get the test rolls done on April 5th 2020.

Once the hotel test is successful, we begin producing Toiless Toilet Paper and educating people about their consumption and the impact on the environment.

Your contribution creates a tree-filled future for generations to come!

Thank you!